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The ProImage Plus 3000 and XL 3000 have been discontinued. However, we still stock paper for both of these poster printers.

If you need a poster printer, give us a call. At times we have refurbished machines available.
ProImage XL3000 poster printer

Varitronics ProImage XL3000 PosterPrinter
BIG, professional-quality visuals ...made in house ...when you need them

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A powerful, versatile, easy-to-use poster printer:

Visuals help facilitate learning, keep meetings on track and give the presenter more credibility. With the Varitronics ProImage XL3000 PosterPrinter you get HUGE, professional-looking visuals in as little as 60 seconds. They are easy to see and read. Plus, after your presentation, you can post selected presentation visuals in the lunch room, hallways, and other areas with high visibility to serve as a reminder about what was taught.

Outstanding Project Management ToolQuality visuals enhance your credibility. Sure, you can use presentation visuals sketched out by hand. Or you can spend a bundle to have a graphic artist create your visuals. But, with a ProImage XL3000 you can create your visuals yourself on your computer, and directly print large format, high quality visuals that will enhance your credibility.

Plus a PosterPrinter provides versatility. It can be used for everything from making blood drive posters, to printing PERT and GANTT charts for project management.

Include what YOU want:

The Varitronics ProImage XL3000 PosterPrinter will print text, graphics, photographs or any combination to deliver your message effectively. Gray-scale scanning allows you to enlarge photos with remarkable clarity.

With a touch of a button, you can print poster, chart or presentation materials in reversed colors. This means, using red on white paper for example, you can either print red text on a white background, or white text on a red background. And you don't need to worry about printing a color background using a lot of ink--the "ink" is built into the paper itself.

protect your postersFor even easier creation and printing of posters, signs and banners, connect your ProImage XL3000 to your computer* and use your ProImage XL 3000 printer just as you would any other printer connected to your PC. You can create the large format materials you want, using fonts, graphics and photos stored on your computer, and print them as needed.

From Letter Size to Poster Size:

The ProImage XL3000 can use paper width sizes of 17", 23", 29" and 36". This means, using the built-in scanner, you can enlarge an 8-1/2" X 11" letter-size original up to a size of 36" X 48". And while you're thinking big, consider this: the ProImage XL3000 PosterPrinter can create a banner up to 36" wide and 100 feet long. Use heavy-duty Poly Paper and you'll have a tough, weather resistant banner that you can make right on your desktop.

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ProImage XL3000 Specifications
Complete Specifications
Size: 43.7" x 12.6" x 6.8"
Weight: 36.4 lbs.
Scanning resolution: 400 dpi / 256 shades of gray
Print resolution: approximately 300 dpi

View a video demonstrating the Varitronics ProImage PosterPrinter.
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PosterPrinter Video

* No additional hardware or software is required. The ProImage XL3000 can be connected directly to your PC. More ProImage XL3000 information.

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